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In the freezing depths of the Connecticut winter, keeping sidewalks, driveways, streets, parking lots and walkways free from ice and snow is crucial for safety. Neither vehicles nor pedestrians can safely navigate pavement or other hard surfaces that are slick from snow, ice or slush. For both private and public properties, slip and fall accidents as well as automobile accidents can lead to costly lawsuits, and even a minor storm can result in fewer visitors to your business—and an associated drop in revenue.

Winter storm conditions with snow removal on city streets with snow plow plowing the roads and pedestrian person walking through snow storm in icy winter weather background image
Sanitation tracks cleaning streets in Brooklyn is seen after the seasons first snow storm in NYC


Beyond the risk of potential liability and the danger of alienating customers, there is one other hazard posed by failing to remove snow and ice — the possibility of extensive damage to the pavement itself. Undisturbed snow and ice increases the likelihood that water will penetrate the surface. When water finds its way into cracks inconcrete or asphalt and refreezes, the cracks are enlarged and potholes are more likely to form. Furthermore, water that leaks beneath the pavement can destabilize the ground or the subbase, causing even more damage.


At Driveway Sealing Call Frank, we understand how vital it is to have suitable equipment for removing snow from various hard surfaces. Snowplows should only be entrusted to experienced operators who know how to set the blades at the correct height and angle to avoid scalping the pavement. De-icing agents should be selected carefully and used sparingly— rock salt, for example, can cause permanent damage to concrete pavement.

Don’t take any chances with the safety of those who visit your home or business, and don’t wait for the first snowfall! Get in touch with the team of Driveway Sealing Call Frank today to learn more about our affordable and reliable snow removal services.



Each winter, Connecticut residents see more than their fair share of snowstorms. Aside from being cold and wet, a big dump of snow can result in inconvenient or downright dangerous conditions for vehicles and visitors trying to get to your home or business. Don’t be held hostage by the snow; keep your daily routines running smoothly with a simple call to 1-800-DRIVEWAY, or an email to Whether you need one-time plowing for your driveway or regularly scheduled plowing to keep your retail customers safe, we’ll be standing by to provide you with a complimentary inspection and quote