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Power washing is a simple process that uses detergent and water sprayed at high pressure to break away layers of dirt that have accumulated over years of neglect. But although the process and equipment might be simple, most of our customers are blown away by the results. Particularly when carried out by a knowledgeable professional with superior-quality equipment, power washing can restore the condition and appearance of paved surfaces that—not surprisingly—become filthy over time!

Residential Driveway Washing and Cleaning Using High Pressured Water.


From full strength force and strong detergent for removing grease, gum and stains to the non-pressurized application of plain water, power washers are extremely versatile in that they can be adjusted to most effectively clean different areas of a single large surface, even when the build-up is heavy in some spots but light in others. Commercial power washing equipment is far more powerful than units intended for home use, and it takes a deft and practiced touch to ensure the correct amount of pressure is being used at all times. When used correctly, the pressure of the water can remove thick tar and even paint without harming the surface of the pavement.


As with all of our offerings, we can perform power washing as a one-time service or regular power washing based on a schedule that best suits your needs. We also take care to arrange the most convenient time for your home or business to minimize any disruption to your daily operations.

If you’ve got a pavement surface that seems beyond hope, get in touch with the team of Driveway Sealing Call Frank. We can take a look and let you know if power washing would be the best and most affordable solution for restoring the well-kept appearance of your property.

image of community worker washes the pavement


When it comes to achieving dramatic results for a minimal investment of time and money, few techniques are as effective as professional power washing by Driveway Sealing Call Frank. Rediscover the attractive surface beneath that buildup of dirt and grime, and get your property looking like new again in next to no time!  Call 1-800-DRIVEWAY or email to give us a few details about the power washing project you have in mind. We’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our affordable rates, and would love to arrange a time for a complimentary inspection and quote