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If you’ve ever wondered where the expression “curb appeal” originated, just take a stroll along the streets of any well-manicured neighborhood. You’ll notice how the neat, straight lines of curbs serve as a clean visual break between streets and lawns, contrasting against the smooth black driveways and enhancing the clean and orderly appearance of the whole street.

Background of asphalt roller that stack and press hot asphalt. Road repair machine.
Small steamroller is flatting new road made of asphalt. Detail on newly installed curb. Close up view on roadside.


If you’re looking for help with any kind of asphalt pavement or concrete surface, you couldn’t have come to a better website. With Frank and his team on your side, you are guaranteed an exceptional outcome for your asphalt or concrete surface. Why not consider further enhancing the appearance of your installation with the addition of asphalt curbing? Besides being the perfect visual finishing touch, you may also be surprised to learn of the many other advantages to be gained by adding curbs to paved surfaces of any size:

Strength: Many construction industry professionals already know what the average person does not: that curbs have the power to strengthen pavement. By improving compaction during construction, even lot edges will be better able to stand up to traffic with the addition of curbs.

Reduced Maintenance: Curbs eliminate drainage swales and reduce the need for associated maintenance such as ditch cleaning, ditch bank mowing, and culvert care.

Improved Visibility: The light reflective surface of curbs delineates pavement edges, making them more obvious to drivers and promoting road safety.

Cleanliness: Street sweepers can more easily pick up debris that has been corralled by curbs rather than scattered over lawns and streets.

Protection: Curbs are strong enough to withstand and deflect the impact of snowplow blades, reducing the likelihood of damage to driveways, lawns, and landscaping. They can also help to eliminate water run-off that can harm and shorten the life of pavement.

There you have it: a brief summary of the many benefits to be gained with the addition of curbs to your pavement or concrete surface or lot. Get in touch with the Driveway Sealing Call Frank team today to find out how easy and affordable it can be to beautify your property with curbing.


Are you looking for a way to take the appearance and performance of your pavement installation to the next level? If so, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the many benefits to be gained by enhancing your existing or new lot or other installation with curbing. Call 1-800-DRIVEWAY or email to help us learn a bit more about your project. We’ll be in touchto discuss the advantages of curbing with respect to your specific application and to arrange a time for your complimentary inspection and quote.