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If you are in the process of searching for a company to install or repair your residential driveway or commercial parking lot, it really pays to do your homework. There are many operations out there that seem to spring up overnight but then disappear again almost as quickly, and others that will happily charge you twice the rate of their competitors for shoddy work—all without batting an eye.

Fortunately for residents of Connecticut, there is also Frank Colacurcio Jr.—the proud owner of Driveway Sealing Call Frank. With almost two decades of knowledge and experience concerning every aspect of the installation and repair of asphalt and pavement, you can have complete faith that Driveway Sealing Call Frank is not one of those companies!

Small steamroller is flatting new road made of asphalt. Detail on newly installed curb. Close up view on roadside.


No matter how big or small your project is, our courteous and knowledgeable team has the level of expertise you can count on, as well as a well-maintained fleet of modern equipment that helps us to confidently guarantee exceptional results on every job we do. We take pride in our contribution to beautifying properties of every kind in our community. And we believe in giving back to our community through our involvement in local schools and charities such as St. James School, Our Lady of Grace Church, Sterling House Community Center, and the Costco & Hartford Children’s Hospital Annual Charity Golf Tournament.

Few things are as permanent and unforgiving as asphalt, pavement, and concrete. There are no second chances—so don’t take any! For Driveway Sealing (and much more) Call Frank.


If you are a Connecticut home or business owner looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and locally-owned company to handle the installation, repair or regular maintenance of your asphalt driveway, parking lot, or concrete installation, call Frank! What if you need parking lot striping, pavement stencils, or curbing? No problem … just call Frank! And even for affordable residential and commercial power washing and snow removal services, you guessed it! With just one call to 1-800-DRIVEWAY or a quick email, you can have the experienced team of Driveway Sealing Call Frank at your service. Whether you are looking for a new installation or for ongoing help to ensure your hard surfaces stay looking and performing their very best, get in touch with us today to arrange for your complimentary inspection and quote.